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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

This request comes from a wonderful blogger buddy who is most recently into selling some of the nicest Goatie Lotions you could possibly purchase. Check her out!! It is just amazing stuff and it comes from some pretty amazing industrious Goaties!

Shanster has given me a challenge to list Ten things that make me Happy! :)

1. Home- Yup...number 1 on my list. I am a middle aged gal who has lots of diverse interests, but find my favorite pasttime is puttering around my place. Whether I am redesigning the setup or taking care of my pets, it is the place where my blood pressure hits bottom and I totally find peace.

2. Children- They are actually my number 1 priority and I have become ingrained in always looking out for them, but they are older and I can sorta let my guard down.

3. Close Friends- If it weren't for a couple very good close friends in my life, it would of been pretty dull. Can't imagine a world without sharing my good times with them and my impulses...they all know about the impulses...which leads me to number 4

4. Impulses- I am probably about the most impulsive person that decides to think about something and then the next thing I want it and then I go get it! I love impulses!!

5. Adventures- Taking a walkabout or a driveabout (with a good friend/sister), Now that has always been a Good Time!!

6. Grandchildren- and actually that should and could very well be at the top of my list. I always use my granddaughter's face as my visualization when I have been to the Dr and they are checking out my blood pressure. She is my ZEN!

7. Great Blogs and Kindred Spirits- Shanster Goats N More is a Good one! Refer to first sentence in post!

8. Sunsets- Any one of them will do and add a nice warm evening with a frosty cold brewsky sitting on the deck and I am in total bliss.

9. Springtime- Absolutely thrilled when the birds are making the springtime noises and the ground is warm to touch.

10. A Good Thunderstorm- Love them and all the smells and sounds that go with. If I go from a zap of lightening standing in a Thunderstorm then know I was enjoying myself. Wouldn't that be the way to exit this world...with a Bolt of Lightening and an enormous clap of Thunder!?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Warrior and a little assistance on my part...

There are a few projects in my basement to complete.

Actually the entire basement is the project and tackling one room at a time, it could be possible.

The basement has not been finished and while we have rooms with walls, there is no sheetrock. Wiring is almost complete as I need the family room wired yet, but one bathroom and now one bedroom is almost done. I have my master bedroom to finish along with the master bath and a large family room. Not sure what to do yet with the utility room, but that is the last thing I will worry about.

So far with a good kick start from my brother-in-law, he had finished the sheetrock and taping in the room and last weekend I completed the texture and painting. Now this weekend we did the trim and hung the closet doors and entry door. I put the knotty cedar on the walls and my son handled all the leveling of doors and hardware and of course ran the saw. I layed the linoleum on Sunday and layed down the pad for the rug. I need to finish a few pieces of rail trim yet, but ran out and need to buy a few feet more. Colin put up the lights and I think we just may have assembled a new room for my youngest son. Now for my bedroom I am going a bit more fluffy but I definitely love the knotty cedar look. I really like the wood look and that will be a look in almost every room. I would really like a rock tile look on the walls also so I am taking any suggestions!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First baby of the year!

Its a Boy!!

and Rudy is soooo very very ready for a playmate he was right in the middle of it expecting him to play already. After Momma spent a good amount of time cleaning him off, I fixed up a comfy spot in the barn and they are both resting comfortable. So glad it was in the 30's today as I arrived after he had been born by at least an hour.

Stylish ...the black bull in the photo even came to check him out but don't think he realizes this is his first offspring.

Meanwhile Tess stood guard outside the fence at a very respectful distance.

Of course tonite I will be nervous and go check in before bed but at least no 3 o'clock check for me.

Removal Day

First up Rudy and his fine little nubs of came out and snipped them off while I was at work. Rudy is extremely friendly and had a habit of coming up behind you with his head down and bashing you behind the knees and simply pushing hard like those baby calves do with each other. While he was just playing,,I kept thinking when he grows to about 1200 lbs that head butting game was going to be dangerous. Then I noticed the pointy little protrusions of horns and I made a quick decision. When I went in to check him that night after they were cut off, he kept shying away from me and wouldn't dare let me near. Today now he is finally forgetting the painful ordeal and allows me to scratch his butt and rub his sides. I am slowing working my way back towards that chin scratch he is extremely fond of. He will come around and I sure know the removal of those horns are extremely important if I want to keep him a bull. Trust me...its for his and MY own good!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet some of the my Pack!

From Bottom left to right
D.J. age 9, Sparky (rat terrier, 3)
Top left to right
Angel- 6 yrs, Chris-12 yrs (my smiler), Tess- 5 months and growing (pyrenees/collie) and far right, Missy (3 yrs) lab cross

They all have become well behaved and ranchified quite well. Tess is my goat dog, who when strangers show up, she is in the goat pen giving them notice to stay away from the goat. Sparky the little rat terrier is our inside/outside little pain in the hiney. DJ follows me where ever I roam always looking for excitement and Chris is the Smiling Walmart Greeter. Angel and Missy have that lab cross that makes them a friend of everyone. We like our brood...even when
they stay up late at night howling back at the coyotes. Chris has managed to be bitten enough by rattlesnakes that I think she's immune. DJ has also used up one life and Sparky walks a thin line some days.
Angel and Missy are just soo very very happy when the son takes them anywhere in the pickup.
They live a good life and never a dull moment around here.
Good thing I've taken a few lessons from the "Dog Whisperer" and have assumed my place as the Alpha Dog here. Keeps the mishaps pretty few and far between...but then again...Spring is just around the corner and with that always comes a little mischief.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leisurely Afternoon Drive Home??

Weather said 40 mph gusting this afternoon and we had another 3-4 inches of fluffy stuff ontop of more than a foot and a half of barely settled snow last night. Wind is not a good combination. While I kept an eye on the storm in town at work...I finally decided to grab the boy from school early and get for home. I didn't want to be stranded in town. I have one more cow about to calf and I am a little anxious. Next time ..I just won't go to work! Hopefully the electric poles don't come down in the future..they make good ditch markers. Seems it was the only way sometimes I could gauge if I was on the road or not....My son and I were both a wreck by the time we got home. It will take me all day tomorrow just to dig out again, so another snow day..YEEHAAWW!